Jordanelle Dam Rock Cliff Visitor Center

Heber, UT
  • Contract: $1,044,273
  • Client: State of Utah
  • Duration: 9 months
This visitor center was built on the banks of the Provo River in a designated wetlands area. The project included construction of the visitor center, restrooms, pavilions, pathways, and campsites. The project was constructed within a sensitive wetland area requiring the contractor to control operations so as to minimize adverse effects to the ecosystem. No environmental concerns or problems were created during construction. Again, this project was also located in a remote area requiring special concreting procedures. Large spot footings were cast in place to support the log columns providing the building super structure. Dewatering operations were continuous during the placement of the foundation. CWC self performed the concrete and timber construction. Special attention was given to the nesting habits of the Peregrine falcon across from the building site. A composite siding material was specified that resulted in a shrinkage problem in the joints of the material several weeks after installation. This was eventually determined to be a problem inherent in the siding material not attributable to contractors’ installation method.

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