Painted Desert Inn

Holbrook, AZ
  • Contract: $2,500,000
  • Client: National Park Service
  • Duration: 16 months
The Painted Desert Inn, built in the early 1800ís had fallen into disrepair and its very existence was threatened by settlement and neglect. Cal Wadsworth Construction was selected from a short list of contractors to take on the monumental task of restoring this national treasure. The work included removal of multiple coats of paint and stain from historic ceilings, doors and windows and repainting to match the original color schemes selected by early National Park architects. This was done without damaging the historic fabric of the building through the use of ground corn cobb blasting medium. Hardware was removed, restored and reinstalled. Floors were stripped of coatings and returned to their original appearances. Historic stone pavers were uplifted, cataloged, a new slab cast in place and the pavers reinstalled in their original positions. Doors and windows were removed, taken to the shop, refurbished and reinstalled. Original murals painted on the walls were protected during construction and subsequently restored by the park specialists.

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