Anasazi State Park

Boulder, UT
  • Contract: $500,000
  • Client: State of Utah
  • Duration: 11 months
Preservation of an ancient Anasazi Indian village and remodel to the existing visitors center. Included was the construction of metal canopies over the ruin sites to prevent further deterioration from sun and rain. Additionally the contractor formed and poured exposed aggregate trails throughout the park. Remodeling of the exhibit space and construction of a small addition to the visitor center was also included. The project required a special sensitivity towards the existing ruins and an awareness of archeological artifacts uncovered during construction. This work was completed while the park remained open to visitors. At no time was the contractor allowed to shut down any park utilities or functions. Signage, temporary walkways and construction barricades were used to provide a safe project site. No recordable accidents occurred to either the visitors or the construction workers. The contractor performed quality control utilizing the three phase quality control program. All operations emitting significant noise were conducted at off periods as designated by the owners representative. The resulting protection shelters, exposed aggregate walkways and addition to the center have enhanced the visitors experience to this wonderful and remote state park.

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