McKay Building- Brigham Young University

Provo, UT
  • Contract: $4,024,000
  • Client: BYU
  • Duration: 20 months
Interior renovation project that consisted of two phases. Phase one included the basement and first floor. Phase two included the second and third floors. The project scope included complete interior demolition, window replacement, construction of shear walls extending through all four floors to complete the seismic upgrade for the building, mechanical and electrical system replacement in addition to interior finishes which included gypsum / metal studs, paint, wall coverings and new floor finishes. Each phase of work was performed in conjunction with classes being held on non work-zone floors. The project was coordinated with the university to insure minimal interruption to the environment and class schedule. Stringent dust and noise protection was required, as well as the implementation of a safety plan that included utilization of barricades and walkways that separated students and facility from the construction work zones and construction team.

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