Concourse E Expansion

Salt Lake City, UT
  • Contract: $5,656,195
  • Client: SLC International Airport
  • Duration: 2 months
SkyWest expansion development project initiated by The Salt Lake City Department of Airports for a new terminal and concourses with supporting landside and airside infrastructure. The project scope included apron expansion that included paving and sound wall, construction of new baggage handling facility, new passenger holding building, remodeling of an existing passenger holding area, new pilot locker room and lounge, remodeling and expansion of existing restrooms and new administrative offices. The contract included (4) milestone dates, each of which had individual liquidated damages. The contract allowed for early completion incentives. All milestones were met and CWC received early completion awards. The Airport Authority complimented Cal Wadsworth Construction, indicating it was perhaps the best scheduled project that they had seen to date.

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