Cal Wadsworth Construction recently completed work on the Columbus Community Center and South Salt Lake Branch Library. As project manager for the Architect, I had the pleasure of working closely with Jordan Boyer and Shane Warenski in bringing this project to fruition. As a major remodel and seismic upgrade of a 1916 building, this project had a very high potential for construction-related problems. Cal Wadsworth Construction, in the personae of Jordan and Shane, proved willing and able to deal effectively with the challenges inherent in this project. In concert with the Owner, we formed a successful team, and worked together to find answers to the myriad issues which arose during the course of work. I can honestly recommend this firm, and its personnel, as valued members of any project team. Their contribution was and remains absolutely essential to the success of this project.

David W. Triplett
Project Manager
Cooper Roberts Simonsen Architects



I wanted to take a minute and express to you my most sincere appreciation for the outstanding leadership you displayed during your term as AGC of Utah’s Chairman of the Board for 2002.

I’ve had the privilege of working with outstanding leaders of the construction industry for more than 23 years. These people are truly the greatest and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work closely with them, develop friendships both personally and professionally and for that I will be forever grateful.

Under you direction, AGC of Utah and on a personal note, I have had a truly outstanding experience. AGC has never had a better year, this even in the face of some rather tough economic times. I have likewise, never had a better year. I owe this in large part to you, your personal interest, your personal challenges, your personal commitment and above all your friendship. You have raised the bar and neither AGC or I will ever be the same.

Thank you…your example and influence will never be forgotten.

Richard J. Thorn
Associated General Contractors - Utah Chapter


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