Calvin L. Wadsworth

Cal Wadsworth is the founder and owner of Cal Wadsworth Construction. As president, he has successfully managed the company's growth over the last 23 years. As head estimator, he has extensive experience accurately pricing unique and complex projects. Cal has worked tirelessly for his company's growth, successfully expanding its operations beyond its Utah base to Arizona.

Cal understands the importance of continual training and education for himself and his staff, and seeks out new management techniques and practices to push CWC to the next level of efficiency. He continually focuses on limiting operating costs, attracting good talent, maintaining safety, and improving quality.

In addition to his membership in the Association of General Contractors, Cal was Chairman of the Board for the Utah Chapter AGC in 2002, a year of record-breaking membership and revenue growth for the chapter.


  • Bachelors of Science, Business Management, University of Utah 1986
  • Westminster College, MBA Program
  • Graduate of Advanced Management Program (AGC)
  • Marketing Construction Services Program (AGC)


  • Association of General Contractors, Utah
  • Association of General Contractors, Arizona